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Matt Christopher

Michael Jordan: On the Court with (Matt Christopher Sports Biographies)

Обложка книги Michael Jordan: On the Court with (Matt Christopher Sports Biographies)

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ISBN: 0316137928
Издательство: Little, Brown Young Readers
Год издания: 1996
Страниц: 144
Grade 4-6. Christopher systematically describes Jordan's career, starting in high school and following through his college, Olympic, and professional days (with the stop off at baseball). The book ends with the Bulls' loss to Orlando in the 1995 season playoffs. Those familiar with the athlete's career will probably already know some of the anecdotes covered in this book. For example, there's the oft-repeated fact that Jordan didn't make the varsity basketball squad in his sophomore year in high school, and his trials as a minor league baseball player are common knowledge. Yet, many fans will find this clearly written title among the most satisfying of all of the Jordan biographies. Although the author mentions controversies involving his subject's gambling and the tragedy of his father's murder, he recognizes that what many sports fans want is the highlights of players' careers and meaty descriptions of their key games. On these points Christopher scores.