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Charles Casillo

The Marilyn Diaries

Обложка книги The Marilyn Diaries

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ISBN: 0967761700
Издательство: Charles Casillo
Год издания: 1999
Страниц: 200
Randy Taraborrelli: Jackie Ethel Joan Women of Camelot Fascinating and compelling. Charles Casillo proves himself to be a master of characterization. I sometimes had to put the diaries down, stunned at his insight and compassion in capturing the emotions and thoughts of a historical figure who has often been portrayed as one-dimensional. If this is n ot Marilyn as she was in real life, it's the way you want her to have been. Ernest Cunningham: The Ultimate Marilyn "The 'diaries' will surprise you. Mr. Casillo interweaves incidents we know happened, things we know she said, with speculations over things maybe said, maybe happened. The result has an unexpected passion and intensity. This Marilyn will make you ache inside just like the real one did."
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