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John Holland

Born Knowing: A Medium's Journey-Accepting and Embracing My Spiritual Gifts

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ISBN: 1401900828, 978-5-17-044642-1, 978-5-271-17120-8
Издательство: Hay House
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 245
Book DescriptionGiven the phenomenal change in attitudes about life after death, public interest in the Other Side is ever-increasing. Born Knowing will show you that even after the loss of a loved one, you?re never truly alone. Born Knowing is John Holland?s first book. In an open and candid way, he explains how he dealt with his conflict of coming to terms, and finally accepting, his rare ability as a spirit messenger who helps people connect with those who have passed on. Born in the tough suburbs of Boston, John coped with a difficult childhood, where he was ridiculed by his family and society, leaving him feeling isolated because of his psychic abilities. He refused to acknowledge his gift until a near-fatal automobile accident amplified his abilities to the point where he had to learn how to control what was once pushed away. Drawn by the history and knowledge of spiritualism in England, John takes you on his two-year journey throughout Britain. He tells...