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Pierre Martineau

I Was a Killer for the Hells Angels : The Story of Serge Quesnal

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ISBN: 0771054920
Издательство: McClelland & Stewart
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 280
Book Description The shocking confession of a five-time murderer When I arrived at the restaurant, my boss gave me a wad of $20 bills, which amounted to some $2,000. He was acting as though money was burning a hole in his pockets. But this suited me fine. Melou often acted that way. He didn’t want me to run out of money. A happy killer is a productive killer. … When he was fifteen years old, Serge Quesnel started hanging out in strip bars and committing minorthefts and burglaries. He soon became known to the police. He learned more about crime when he served time, first in a detention centre, and then later in the infamous Donnacona federal penitentiary. On his release, he was ready to realize his true ambition, to become a confederate of the Hells Angels. To achieve this ambition, he set out to prove that he could hurt, maim, and kill people efficiently and without a qualm. His first murder victim was a drug dealer who was giving...