Обложка книги Ivan Pavlov: From Freedom to Freedom

Ivan Pavlov: From Freedom to Freedom

ISBN: 0805962883;
Издательство: Dorrance Pub Co
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionThe memories of the Cold War are beginning to fade, but Ivan Ivanov will never forget those days of misery and despair in communist Bulgaria. Desperate for freedom, he takes his chance and makes a difficult and dangerous escape to the West, only to be imprisoned again as a suspected Bulgarian spy. His refugee camp is not much better than the oppression he had escaped from. Finally, after many tribulations, he makes his way to the United States, speaking no English and with little training. Even this he overcomes, learning the language, getting his masters degree, and building himself a career as an innovative electronic design engineer. He falls in love and marries his devoted Kathy, and together they raise a fine American family. Finally the Ivanovs come to know and to acknowledge Jesus. Ivan?s odyssey is finally complete.