Обложка книги Lincoln


ISBN: 0582032792;
Издательство: Longman
Страниц: 352

Book Description Political biography with new angle on one of the most famous US Presidents of all time Focus on relationship with evangelical Protestantism - throws new light on Lincoln's presidency and power Huge interest in American Civil War and slavery in the US - what motivated Lincoln as leader of the anti-slavery coalition Gives full attention to Lincoln's career before the presidency - full chronological coverage Topical and relevant - important parallels to be drawn with US presidency today - responsibility, rights and nationalism Winner of the prestigious Lincoln Prize, Lincoln is the latest book in the popular Profiles in Power Series . In this book, Richard J. Carwardine examines Lincoln's rise to power and his achievements as president. He explores the wider sources of Lincoln's authority and skills in embracing a broad range of elements within the Republican Party. In particular, the book looks at...