Обложка книги Mysterious Stranger : A Book of Magic

Mysterious Stranger : A Book of Magic

ISBN: 0812969774;
Издательство: Villard
Страниц: 224

Book DescriptionBlaine’s Challenge! ———— —— —— —— —— — —— —— — —— —— — ——— —— ———— A never-before-attempted challenge to readers everywhere! WIN $100,000.00 Hidden throughout the volume now in front of you are secret little signals, clues, and codes that, once understood and deciphered, will lead to the discovery of a Treasure!! Which has been hidden somewhere within the confines of the continental United States of America. Where is it? Who Will find it? We Can’t Say! —————————————— This challenge has been created and sponsored by the world’s greatest mystifier . . . DAVID BLAINE who was Buried Alive For Seven Days and Seven...

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