Обложка книги Silent Warrior

Silent Warrior

ISBN: 0425188647;
Издательство: Berkley Publishing Group
Страниц: 336

Book DescriptionIn 1986, Charles Henderson first published Marine Sniper -the incredible story of Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock, whose 93 confirmed kills in Vietnam have never been matched by any sniper before or since. Now, the incredible story of a remarkable Marine continues-with harrowing, never-before-published accounts of courage and perseverance. These are the powerful stories of a man who rose to greatness not for personal gain or glory, but for duty and honor. A rare inside look at the U.S. Marine's most challenging missions-and the one man who made military history.Download DescriptionIn the United States Marine Corps, the most dangerous job in combat is that of the sniper. With no backup and little communication with the outside world, these men disappeared for weeks on end in the wilderness with nothing but intellect and iron will to protect them--as they would watch, wait, and finally strike. But of all of the snipers who ever hunted human prey, one...