Обложка книги The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

ISBN: 007141861X; 9780071418614;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 278

Book Description One of Booklist's Top 10 Business Books of 2002 and a BusinessWeek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal , and USA Today business bestseller "Management professor Oren Harari adopts Colin Powell's rise intothe upper ranks of American power as a model for decision makers in the private sector. Harari hails Powell's character as the essence of a host of supple executive virtues, from defining and defending rational objectives to playing the provocateur against outdated modes of boardroom thinking."--The Washington Post "Powell appears to be a natural born leader with an intuitive sense of strategy for advancement in war and politics. For those of us who are not so lucky to have such diplomacy inherently, Harari's book can teach us how to lead effectively following Powell's example."--USA Today "This is a 'battle-tested' leadership book and although the author has shown how to apply these principles in the...

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