Обложка книги Wild Bill : The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas

Wild Bill : The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas

ISBN: 0394576284;
Издательство: Random House
Страниц: 736

Book DescriptionWilliam Orville Douglas was both the most accomplished and the most controversial justice ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court. He emerged from isolated Yakima, Washington, to be dubbed, by the age of thirty, “the most outstanding law professor in the nation”; at age thirty-eight, he was the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, cleaning up a corrupt Wall Street during the Great Depression; by the age of forty, he was the second youngest Supreme Courtjustice in American history, going on to serve longer—and to write more opinions and dissents—than any other justice. In evolving from a pro-government advocate in the 1940s to an icon of liberalism in the 1960s, Douglas became a champion for the rights of privacy, free speech, and the environment. While doing so, “Wild Bill” lived up to his nickname by racking up more marriages, more divorces, and more impeachment attempts aimed against him than any...

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