Обложка книги Bobby Bowden's Tales from the Seminole Sideline

Bobby Bowden's Tales from the Seminole Sideline

ISBN: 1582614067;
Издательство: Sports Publishing
Страниц: 192

Book Description"Telling stories?I enjoy that. It comes with growing older. But I don?t see the day where I?m sitting on the porch rocking with a bunch of guys around me and I?m telling stories. I can?t see that. It?s just like golf. People say, ?Aren?t you going to the Masters?? No. I don?t care anything about going to the Masters. I?d rather go play than see those great players. I?m not a good spectator. I want to play, and that?s the wayI am. I would rather still be doing this if I can." ?Bobby Bowden Bobby Bowden is spending what should be his retirement years gathering victories and collecting more fodder for stories that must be told between staff meetings, film study, cross-country recruiting trips, and even the tackling of hundreds of footballs and posters that daily await the signature of NCAA Division I-A?s all-time winningest coach. For the architect of one of college football?s great...