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Daniel J., M.D. Benor

Consciousness, Bioenergy and Healing: Self-Healing and Energy Medicine for the 21st Century (Healing Research, Vol. 2; Professional Edition) (Healing Research)

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ISBN: 0975424807
Издательство: Wholistic Healing Publications
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 713
Book DescriptionConsciousness, Bioenergy and Healing will dramatically broaden and deepen your understanding of health, illness and healing. Including: comprehensive reviews of evidence-based CAM research (137 pp of references), case examples, and explanations of wholistic self-healing, therapist healing and energy medicine. Consciousness: We have far greater potential for healing ourselves and each other than we generally appreciate. Dr. Benor, a wholistic psychiatrist, explains how mind-body and body-mind interactions can promote health or cause illness through wholistic interactions of body, emotions, mind, relationships (with other people and the environment) and spirit. An enormous body of research, clinical examples and a variety of theories describe and explain healing through complementary/ alternative medicine (CAM), including meditation, visualiza-tion, acupuncture, osteopathy and many more modalities, with clear and concise explanations of each of these healing...