Обложка книги Little Miracles

Little Miracles

ISBN: 1571974040;
Издательство: Ivy House Publishing Group
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionPrior to World War II, Poland was a vibrant cultural, industrial and economic center for a vast Jewish population. The Jewish community contributed not only to the development of housing, but community buildings, schools, theatres and synagogues. These mementos of Jewish life are now a memory, having been destroyed by the Nazi barbarism that was rampant in most European countries. Poland was totally obliterated during World War II, and many of the country?s people lost their lives in concentration or death camps, from starvation or other deplorable circumstances?and all because of their faith. We know these dark stories well, yet there are many filled with hope, strength, love and survival. Abraham Bichler?s "Little Miracles" is an account of the Holocaust that explores the possibilities found in hope and faith despite the most dire of circumstances. As a boy, Bichler and his family were taken from their home in Poland and shipped to the...