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Bob Bevelaqua

Major Bob Unvarnished: Why We Keep Making the Same Mistakes

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ISBN: 1589822633
Издательство: American Book Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 294
Book DescriptionDrawing on his experience as an infantry officer, a Special Forces officer, a corporate security consultant, a Fox News military analyst, and a businessman doing business in the Middle East, Bob Bevelacqua is immensely qualified to discuss the problems of the Middle East, the Iraq War, the Coalition Provisional Authority, and the Iraqi Interim Council. Speaking from his own experience as a soldier with special training in counter insurgency and unconventional warfare and as one who has been on the ground in this type of unconventional warfare, Major Bob Bevelacqua brings a new and inspiring viewpoint to this discussion as he shares with us his Lessons Learned.
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