Обложка книги How Wireless Works (2nd Edition) (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))

How Wireless Works (2nd Edition) (How It Works (Ziff-Davis/Que))


ISBN: 0789733447;
Издательство: Que; 2 edition
Страниц: 272

Wireless technologies have revolutionized the way we work, communicate, compute, socialize, and even have fun. You'll get an insider's view on how it all works, from WiFi networking, to hot spots, to wireless web surfing, to cell phones. Learn about satellite transmissions, broadcasting, and more. Unravel the mystery of wireless technology. Find out: - How you can surf the Web, send and get email, and use the Internet - all from your cell phone! - Cutaway views of cell phones, pagers, and wireless palmtops - see how they all communicate using cellular technologies. - Dangers to security and privacy in a wireless world, such as wireless viruses, wireless hackers, "wardrivers," stolen cellular identities, and cell phone cloners. - How satellite transmissions, Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), broadcasting, And other sophisticated wireless communications work. - Underlying technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi Protected Access (WPA), RFID, the...