Обложка книги A Life of Miracles

A Life of Miracles

ISBN: 0595371590;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 84

Book DescriptionBarbara was born in unusual circumstances. She had her first encounter with the spirit world at the age of nine. She tells about many accidents in which she believes someone from the spirit world helped her survive. She has lived a life of very strange events that may cause some people to disbelieve. This book is of true events. Barbara tells you of a very rare medal of our Blessed Mother Mary, which came into her life. Read about her love for her mother, and her mother?s fight with breast cancer, her own bout with cancer, her near fatal heart attack, and how faith got her through. It is a must read for any woman looking to find how to deal with those issues. Barbara, A Life of Miracles , will have every woman talking about these stories over lunch.