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Mark Hughes

Dear Bill Gates

Обложка книги Dear Bill Gates

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ISBN: 1412014719
Издательство: Trafford Publishing
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 140
Imagine you could change the World... What would you change? Would you want to curb poverty, create a more equal distribution of wealth and create easy jobs for everyone that offer a decent wage? What if you had an idea that could start a revolutionary new industry, bring tangible benefits to all the world's people, and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit at the same time, creating vast opportunity for everyone... how would you go about telling someone about it? Who would you turn to for advice? Dear Bill Gates is a letter - asking for the man's help - which the author decided to write when he stumbled onto an idea that can change the world in exactly this way. It's no small undertaking and it requires a fundamental shift in your thinking; but in essence the concept is very, very simple. It's been right there in front of you all this time. This little book is a quick read. The after effects, however, will linger long...