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Stephanie Williams

Olga's Story : Three Continents, Two World Wars and Revolution--One Woman's Epic Journey Through the Twentieth Century

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ISBN: 0385508514
Издательство: Doubleday
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 368
Book DescriptionWhen Canadian journalist Stephanie Williams set out to discover her Russian grandmother’s long-lost history, what she unearthed was this stunning, sprawling portrait of a life lived on the grand stage of the 20th century. Born in remote Siberia in 1900, Olga Yunter was the youngest of five children. As a teenager during the Revolution, she was a courier and arms-runner for the White Russians. After learning of the execution of her brother at the hands of the Red Army, which drew nearer every day, her father sent her to China with rubies and gold sewn into her petticoats. She would never see her family again. The life of a Russian exile in China meant poverty and fear. But Olga was lucky. She met and married Fred Edney, andgave birth to their daughter, Irina, the author’s mother. But the creeping Japanese occupation and invasion of China forced Olga to flee with Irina to Canada, leaving Fred behind to continue working. For five years she heard...