Обложка книги The Face of a Naked Lady : An Omaha Family Mystery

The Face of a Naked Lady : An Omaha Family Mystery

ISBN: 0618273522;
Издательство: Houghton Mifflin
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionNic Rips"s son had always known him as a conservative midwesterner, dedicated, affable, bland to the point of invisibility. Upon his father"s death, however, Michael Rips returned to his Omaha family home to discover a hidden portfolio ofpaintings — all done by his father, all of a naked black woman. So begins Michael Rips"s exquisitely humane second work of memoir, a gloriously funny yet deeply serious gem of a book that offers more than a little redemption in our cynical times. Rips is a magical storyteller, with a keen eye for the absurd, even in a place like Omaha, which, like his father, is not what it ?rst appears to be. His solid Republican father, he discovers, had been raised in one of Omaha"s most famous brothels, had insisted on hiring a collection of social mis?ts to work in his eyeglass factory, and had once showed up in his son"s high school principal"s of?ce in pajamas. As Rips searches for the woman of the paintings,...