Обложка книги What the Stones Remember : A Life Rediscovered

What the Stones Remember : A Life Rediscovered

ISBN: 1590302540;
Издательство: Trumpeter
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionAt age sixty-five, poet Patrick Lane emerged from a lifetime of alcohol and drug addiction. He spent the first year of his sobriety close to home, tending his garden, where he cast his mind back over his life, searching for the memories he'd tried to drown in vodka. Lane has gardened for as long as he can remember, and his garden's life has become inseparable from his own. A new bloom on a plant, a skirmish among the birds, the way a tree bends in the wind, and the slow, measured change of seasons invariably bring to his mind an episode from his eventful past. In this powerful and beautifully written book, Lane offers readers an unflinching and unsentimental account of coming to one's senses in the presence of nature.