Обложка книги Writing Dylan : The Songs of a Lonesome Traveler

Writing Dylan : The Songs of a Lonesome Traveler

ISBN: 0275982459;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Страниц: 512

Book DescriptionFew in popular music have had as varied a career and as lasting an impact as Bob Dylan. His songs have entered the cultural consciousness in a way that some have called revolutionary. In this bold and comprehensive new study--the definitive guide to Dylan's work--author Larry David Smith explores the convergence of biography, artistic philosophy, and musical style in Bob Dylan's oeuvre. Making the case that "Bob Dylan" is actually a persona carefully crafted by its maker, the former Robert Zimmerman of Hibbing, Minnesota, Writing Dylan represents a new and authoritative contribution to the study of this key figure of the contemporary era. Having been granted unprecedented use of Dylan's own lyrics in his analysis, Smith interprets Dylan'snarratives, characters, plots, and values, and reveals the artist's mission-oriented approach to art. Writing Dylan tackles each period of its subject's five-decade career, offering an inventive and unprecedented investigation of...

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