Обложка книги A Soldier's Journal

A Soldier's Journal

ISBN: 0743458656;
Издательство: I Books
Страниц: 320

Book Description This is the extraordinary memoir of the 22nd Infantry Regiment, a unit that Ernest Hemingway stayed with for five months, from the drive across France to the bloody Battle of the Hurtgen Forest. It is a moving account of men who enlisted to fight in a just cause. It touches on the chaos of war and how accidental atrocities-such as the use of poison gas by American artillery on November 15, 1944 -- were narrowly averted. In addition, it is a journal surprisingly rich with humor -- from how men learn all about "the right way, the wrong way, and the Army way" to those incongruous moments of comedy that can occur even on the battlefield. The result is a memoir so rich in character, detail, and atmosphere that the reader will feel that he is shoulder-to-shoulder with men from the "Greatest Generation." Download DescriptionAn extraordinary World War II memoir of the 22nd Infantry Regiment, the unit that had as one of its members John Cheever, and that Ernest Hemingway...