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Ariel Gore

Atlas of the Human Heart: A Memoir

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ISBN: 1580050883
Издательство: Seal Press (WA)
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 319
Book DescriptionLike Jack Kerouac's intrepid little sister, Ariel Gore spins the spirited story of a vulnerable drifter who takes refuge in fate and the shadowy recesses of a string of glittering, broken relationships. With just a few pennies and her I Ching, a change of clothes and a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, a perceptive, searching sixteen-year-old Gore makes her way from the sterile suffocation of the Silicon Valley through the labyrinthine customs of Cold-War China, wanders through bustling, electric Kathmandu, and hunkers down in an icy London squat with a prostitute and a boyfriend on the dole. Yet it is in the calm, verdant landscape of rural Italy where, pregnant and penniless, nineteen-year-old Gore's adventure truly begins. An illuminating glimpse into the boldly political Gore-creator of HipMama.com and Hip Mama magazine-this unflinching memoir offers a poignant exploration of the meaning of home and surveys the frontiers of both land and heart.