Обложка книги Coming Home: A Woman's Story of Conversion to Judaism

Coming Home: A Woman's Story of Conversion to Judaism

ISBN: 0813365961;
Издательство: Westview Press
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionA beautifully personal and engaging story of the wonders and struggles of life as a "newly" Jewish wife and mother. She grew up in an upper-middle-class Protestant family in New England. She can trace her father's family back to the Mayflower . Yet, "Judaism was to be my bashert , my destiny," claims Linda Shires-wife, mother, professor, and author. For almost twenty years, she lived the life of a Jewish wife, passing as a Jew when it was most important to her Jewish husband and his family. When she wanted to be, she was Christian. But after years of questioning, raising her husband's three children as Jews, and finally trying to ground her child in one religious tradition, Shires discovered her own. Coming Home tells the story of why Shires traded a central cultural position-WASP Debutante-for a position at the margins: a Jew-by-Choice. She became committed to a life of religious rebirth and observance. Her book is a quietly passionate and...