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Ved Mehta

Dark Harbor: Building House and Home on an Enchanted Island (Mehta, Ved, Continents of Exile.)

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ISBN: 1560255285
Издательство: Nation Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 272
Book DescriptionWhen Ved Mehta was first invited to Islesboro, a narrow, thirteen-mile-long island off the coast of Maine, he could not have imagined the far-reaching consequences of his visit. Seduced by a dream of putting down roots in the New World, he finds himself buying a fifteen-acre parcel of land in the rugged terrain of Dark Harbor. To build his house, Mehta hires the architect Edward Larrabee Barnes, famous for designing the IBM Building in New York, the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts,on Deer Isle in Maine, and museums that include the Walker Art Center in Minnesota. In sparse and evocative prose, Mehta describes the follies of constructing a house on an island far removed from that other island, Manhattan, where he lives, and where "sound-shadows" effectively allow him to live as if he were not blind. In Dark Harbor, sound disappears into the brush, banks, and woods like a stone tossed into the ocean. With devastating honesty and poignant humor, Mehta details...