Обложка книги Flex Ability: A Story of Strength and Survival

Flex Ability: A Story of Strength and Survival

ISBN: 1401901735;
Издательство: Hay House
Страниц: 199

Book DescriptionOne look at him and it seems like a sculptor created this sort of perfection. Champion bodybuilder Flex Wheeler has biceps of molded steel and a back that is so cut and sculpted that it looks like a mountain range. Fellow athlete and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger has called him "one of the best bodybuilders of all time" and also insists that "Flex Wheeler is a fantastic champion. He has won the Arnold Classic many times and I've found him to be an extraordinary athlete. He is a winner." "It's not just about building your body," Flex says. "It's about building the love in your heart for God and your family." Flex Ability is a story of overcoming odds so awesome that most people would have just given up and called it a day. Flex Wheeler is a champion when it comes to bodybuilding. . . . Kenny Wheeler has proven that he?s a champion when it comes to life. In this, his first book, Kenny takes you around the globe and into the winner?s circle as he...