Обложка книги From Chunk to Hunk: Diary of a Fat Man

From Chunk to Hunk: Diary of a Fat Man

ISBN: 0974150002;
Издательство: Three Toes Publishing
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionBy age 33, Fred Anderson weighed over 370 pounds and suffered from diabetes, elevated blood pressure, sleep apnea, and chronic heartburn. But watching television one night in May 2000, he caught a glimpse of his own future in the form of an out-of-control diabetic in an emergency room, undergoing a leg amputation. Anderson was terrified, and in an instant, determined his future must change. He got off the couch, and never looked back.. In this one-of-a-kind autobiography, Fred shares with the world what it was like to be trapped inside a prison of fat, and how he lost 171 pounds in under two years.. He didn't count calories, take medications, or have weight loss surgery. He didn't even join a weight loss club. Instead, by altering the way he thought about his body and his health, Anderson lost weight naturally, regaining his health and forcing his diabetes into permanent remission. Eat less, exercise more, and believe in yourself --...