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Ruth Kline

It Coulda Been Worse: Surviving a Lifetime of Abuse and Mental Illness

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ISBN: 1571973346
Издательство: Ivy House Publishing Group
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 240
Book DescriptionAs children, many of us relied on our parents for guidance, advice, strength and unconditional love. These ideals were instilled in us so that we could later become self-sufficient and caring adults. However, there are those who have had to endure more traumatic childhood events and memories. Ruth Kline has written her own account of childhood abuse and neglect, and the repercussions she had to face throughout her life. "It Coulda Been Worse" details Kline?s struggle through theverbal abuse of her mother and physical abuse of her father. Bearing the cross of cruel words, Kline suffered through the strains of mental illness to come to terms with the woman she is today. Kline?s story of survival and strength is not onlyher attempt to uncover the reasons behind her mother?s abuse and her own battle with schizophrenia, but her chance to offer hope to others who may have had to endure mental illness caused by childhood abuse.