Обложка книги jim and i : Jim Morrison & Other Friends

jim and i : Jim Morrison & Other Friends

ISBN: 0595279651;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 274

Book Description jim and i is a contemporary tale, a poetic journey describing the early development of the artist Michael Lawrence and the impact of growing up in both the States and Europe. Jim Morrison of the Doors is Michael?s companion and alter ego. In a whimsical fashion they seek and take comfort from each other?s points of view. Creating a dream-like quality of shifting moods, Lawrence describes the struggles that he and Morrison had to find their identities before either of them came to the notice of the public at large. They found mutual support in their stand against the indifference of an environment overshadowed by war. The world of art came to their rescue. The reader travels through a series of theatrical vignettes?the Bohemian foundation of the innocence, vitality and raw energy that is so evident in Lawrence?s work today: Toy soldiers in Madrid, abortive meetings with Dali, Punch and Judy at Piazza Navona, performing for...