Обложка книги Liberia in Thoughts and Plans: And Other Poems

Liberia in Thoughts and Plans: And Other Poems

ISBN: 0595289673;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 104

Book DescriptionThe poems in this book reflect some of what Dr. Barclay has acquired in his journey of self-discovery of the vicissitudes of life. They poetically articulate his emotions, concerns and insights on several topical issues, situated historically, socially and intellectually. Most of the poems deal with his experience during the Liberian civil crisis. The rest deals with family, friends, love relationships and philosophical views of other aspects of life in general. He says that the poems were written basically from his heart, a heart that feels the pain, sorrow, disappointment and disgust of the death, barbarity, devastation and deprivation caused by the Liberian civil war; they were written from his mind, a mind that seeks understanding andempathy and envisions a better tomorrow; and they were written as a voice, a voice of a person simply speaking to another. While it is true that a poem rarely means the same thing to each person, he has tried to penetrate objective...

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