Обложка книги Looking for My Country : Finding Myself in America

Looking for My Country : Finding Myself in America

ISBN: 038550781X;
Издательство: Nan A. Talese; 1st edition
Страниц: 224

Renowned journalist and author of the international bestseller Wordstruck , Robert MacNeil reflects on a life lived between nations, and why he finally decided to call himself an American. Growing up in Halifax during World War II, it seemed to Robert MacNeil that nothing of significance ever happened in Canada. From his mother’s obsession with all things English (even the marmalade) to his own love for American music like Rhapsody in Blue , Canada seemed too small, too parochial for his ambitions. Moving to Britain in his mid-twenties, MacNeil was suddenly exposed to a country with thousands of years of history, extraordinary theatre and culture. But it was in America that MacNeil finally found his country -- America, a land of contrasts and possibilities. A journalist for NBC and later for PBS on the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour , MacNeil was a witness to many of the current events that shaped the last century: the erection of the Berlin Wall,...

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