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Susan Farrell

Mammograms and Mastectomies: Facing Them With Humor and Prayer

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ISBN: 0972896910
Издательство: Acorn Publishing (MI)
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 267
Book DescriptionMammograms & Mastectomies is an easy-to-read story filled with practical information and insight into the personal and professional implications of breast cancer. Susan Farrell skillfully combines humor and advice as she covers the challenges of dealing with doctors, learning the language of cancer diagnosis and treatment, formulating the right questions and researching surgical options. She goes on to discuss how to tell the children, managing the news at work and the struggle to resume a normal life. On a deeper level, she offers valuable insights into the personal and professional traumas and triumphs that accompany this all too common health problem. An estimated 192,000 new cases are diagnosed every year in the U.S. alone (AmericanCancer Society) and breast cancer will affect one in eight women in their lifetimes. From overwhelming anxiety to the determination to heal and thrive in the wake of a mastectomy, this book serves as a welcome companion to those whose...