Обложка книги Marked for Life : A Memoir

Marked for Life : A Memoir

ISBN: 1400047412;
Издательство: Harmony
Страниц: 272

Book DescriptionAttractive and successful, Joie Davidow presents a confident face to the world. But her carefully applied makeup conceals a secret she has kept for decades. She was born with a port-wine stain, a purple mark that covers most of the left side of her face, including her eye. Tormented as a child, shunned as a teenager, she thought of herself as deformed and ugly until, in her second year of college, she discovered cosmetics that would allow her to hide the mark on her face. She learned to paint on a mask that made her appear normal, if not downright beautiful. Suddenly she was no longer “the girl with the big purple mark.” Behind the mask she was safe, protected from the astonished eyes and unkind remarks of strangers. Her deception was her freedom, but it was also her imprisonment, a threat that never left her. For most of her life she feared that a hot, humid day, a strong wind, an errant tear, or even a fervent embrace would destroy the face she had so...