Обложка книги Next of Kin: A Brother's Journey to Wartime Vietnam

Next of Kin: A Brother's Journey to Wartime Vietnam

ISBN: 1574885952;
Издательство: Potomac Books
Страниц: 288

Tom Reilly idolized his older brother, Ron. After their parents? unexpected early deaths, Ron protected his younger brother and taught him the ways of the world. Ron was a charismatic and worldly career soldier, and his kid brother thought of him as a mentor and hero. In July 1970, Ron died halfway around the world in Vietnam. When the Army provided no explanation except that Ron?s death was not due to combat, the nineteen-year-old author set off on an incredible journey to war-torn South Vietnam to find answers, to seek revenge if necessary, and to come to terms with his loss. Next of Kin begins in small-town Wisconsin, where Tom?s peaceful childhood is shattered by the deaths of his parents. Later, Tom makes it on hisown as a runaway, has unforgettable adventures with his brother in a seedy Mexican border town, and is nearly paralyzed with grief when he learns of Ron?s death. On his singular journey to Southeast Asia, Tom evades the police in Bangkok, is...

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