Обложка книги No Regrets: Last Chance for a Father and Son

No Regrets: Last Chance for a Father and Son

ISBN: 1932073027;
Издательство: H.J. Kramer Book/New World Library
Страниц: 336

Book Description"The search for peace in the world must start within the human heart and within our own families. Barry Neil Kaufman understands that. By personal example and through his writing and counseling, he gives a compelling vision for the building of inner and outer peace." ? President Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize laureate "Barry Neil Kaufman is a gift to our world and his writings are among our treasures. Now once more the human community is blessed, this time by the extraordinary book, No Regrets Thank you, Barry, for showing us again how grace and love can become part of our everyday experience." ? Neale Donald Walsch, Author, Conversations With God and The New Revelation "No Regrets is quite wonderful. A book of deep healing. The work of a true heart,of deep courage and unfailing devotion. Certainly required reading for all who wish to complete unfinished business and decompose the armoring over the heart to meet the world in mercy and...

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