Обложка книги Politics, Pollution and Pandas: An Environmental Memoir

Politics, Pollution and Pandas: An Environmental Memoir

ISBN: 1559632860;
Издательство: Island Press
Страниц: 384

Book DescriptionRussell E. Train, now chairman emeritus of the World Wildlife Fund, has led a remarkable life in conservation and environmental politics. Though many of his contributions have been unsung, Train was the catalyst for many of the nation?s most important positive environmental policies that remain with us today. In the current political climate, where party divisions are so sharp and environmental concerns are so often shunted aside, Train?s journey as a life-long Republican and anardent conservationist is an inspiring story. Much of the important environmental policy Train helped to devise and implement occurred during two Republican administrations, those of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Train served as undersecretary of Interior early in Nixon?s administration before becoming chair of the president?s Council on Environmental Quality (1970-1973). He then moved on to many accomplishments as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from...

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