Обложка книги Risking It All: My Student, My Lover, My Story

Risking It All: My Student, My Lover, My Story

ISBN: 1550549804;
Издательство: Greystone Books
Страниц: 228

Book DescriptionHeather Ingram was one of the most respected teachers at a British Columbia secondary school. Trapped at age 30 in an unhappy relationship, Ingram found herself increasingly drawn to 17-year-old Troy, a rebellious student. Here, in unstinting detail, she describes their passionate relationship of several years duration that had the full support of Troy's family. She reveals the pain of going public, the loss of her job and status in the community, her trial and conviction, and the ten months she spent under house arrest. This frank, moving story offers an intimate look at why a teacher would risk everything and what it means to live as a convicted criminal for engaging in a consensual, if unconventional, relationship.