Обложка книги Searching for Evil: And the Perfect Donut

Searching for Evil: And the Perfect Donut

ISBN: 1410776891;
Издательство: Authorhouse
Страниц: 328

Book DescriptionFasten your seatbelts for this roller-coaster ride through gripping accounts of some extraordinary trials faced by an ordinary American street cop. Get a glimpse into a world that few people outside the law enforcement profession really understand. In his own words, this veteran police officer shares his perspectives and draws you into his experiences with a delightful mixture of intelligence, compassion, candid familiarity, and tongue in cheek humor. Add a dash of irreverent sarcasm and the classic cynicism you might expect from a grizzled veteran officer, and you have this truly gripping and entertaining work. Feel the passion that pulses through every page as you read through a collection of short stories that chronicle a broad spectrum of everyday police work from the mundane to the bizarre and the hilarious to the heartbreaking. Experience through riveting first hand accounts both triumphs and tragedies that afford the reader a unique insight into...