Обложка книги Shooting H2O

Shooting H2O

ISBN: 0901281883;
Издательство: A. & C. Black, Ltd.
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionThere are no career guidelines offered for a life as a marine photographer. This book tells the story of Rick Tomlinson's journey - from raw Whitbread crewman to National Geographic photographer. It is the most comprehensive collection yet gathered of his photographs, across all spheres of his work. Sailboat racing inshore and offshore, from the Caribbean to the high latitudes of the Southern Ocean and North Atlantic; monohulls and multihulls, dinghies, Maxis, lifeboats and Superyachts, plus wildlife photography at both Poles and through the Equator. Alongside the stunning photographs are many great stories, written with the help of long-time collaborator, Mark Chisnell.

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