Обложка книги Simpson's World :Dispatches from the Front Lines

Simpson's World :Dispatches from the Front Lines

ISBN: 1401300413;
Издательство: Miramax Books
Страниц: 432

Book Description"I am a traveler by profession, and commute to work; but my job tends to be carried out in outlandish and difficult places?Afghanistan, the Middle East, the darker parts of Africa, and Latin America. As a result I have had a rather larger acquaintance with deranged dictators, ethnic cleansers, bandits, and terrorists than seems altogether reasonable. Quite a number of them will make an appearance in these pages: Ayatollah Khomeini refusing to shake my hand, Osama bin Laden offering adisturbingly small amount of money to have me killed, and Fidel Castro assuring me he would abdicate soon." In his role as "professional traveler," BBC correspondent John Simpson has not only made the acquaintance of dictators and terrorists, but also witnessed the pivotal events of the past decades: the riots in Tiananmen Square, the Gulf War bombing of Baghdad, the reopening of Kabul after the fall of the Taliban regime. Occasionally, he becomes part of the story. He and his crew...