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P. Chadz

Stand by to Fall Out: From the Bases to the Beaches, in the Swamps and on the Shores; Four Years of Remembrance from a Foot Sore, Camouflage Stained, Former Marine Corps

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ISBN: 1410767736
Издательство: Authorhouse
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 684
Book Description A collection of memories that does more justice for the Marine grunt than any book has done in ages. Sure, there have been tons of biographies written about leaders and their combat expeditions; even more that deal with specific battles and the glorious outcomes attain. The author chooses to write about the interaction that no training can provide. He writes of stateside bases and far off places, of lessons learned and mysteries revealed. Most active duty grunts have seen some form of combat, evacuations or humanitarian exercises. The author is no different. He chooses not to write about his awards or deployments but of the brotherhood that is built during a tour, and the way the unselfish and courageous warrior heart is formed. Theauthor shares his clearest recollections that are far and away beyond those that any fiction writer has dreamed up or any fancy series writer has yet been able to obtain. This then is not a book of interviews and side bars with the top...
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