Обложка книги The First Crossing of Greenland

The First Crossing of Greenland

ISBN: 1841582166;
Издательство: Interlink Publishing Group

Book DescriptionAcross Greenland on Skis - an intriguing account of the first successful crossing of Greenland. Though it's been noted that Peary wanted to be the first to cross Greenland, Nansen beat him to it. As early as 1882, Nansen began to consider plans for a journey across Greenland, the world's largest island. The interior of this barren land had remained completely unexplored, and in scientific circles of the time the most diversified and remarkable theories were held on conditions there. Nansen was keen to ascertain for himself what the country was like and felt that skis were the most suitable means of progression in these inhospitable regions - the aeroplane was, of course, still many years in the future. He had made a public announcement of his intentions in 1887, and in 1888, together with five companions, he put his plan to the test - and triumphed.

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