Обложка книги The Secret Life of Cowboys

The Secret Life of Cowboys

ISBN: 0743236106;
Издательство: Scribner
Страниц: 272

Amazon.comAs a young suburbanite from Chicago, Tom Groneberg first falls in love with horses and the rural West during a stint as a guide on a Colorado dude ranch. In this affecting memoir, he traces his decade-long attempt to shrub all evidence of his strip-mall roots through a series of cowboy jobs--mending fences, baling hay, and disposing of dead calves while working as a cattle hand. Later, he tries to command nearly 10,000 acres of inhospitable land as a way-over-his-head owner of a cattle ranch inMiles City, a tiny eastern Montana town so cold in winter, Groneberg writes, that "the clear night freezes the stars in place." In an ever more desperate need to prove himself to "real" cowboys and himself, Groneberg briefly attends rodeo school andinsists on entering a bucking bronco competition, clutching on to his three seconds of saddled glory as if it were an Olympic trophy. What saves The Secret Life of Cowboys from cliche--big-town boy learns important life...

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