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Max Freedland

And There Was Light

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ISBN: 1932672257
Издательство: Outskirts Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 312
Book DescriptionFrom the first time Max attends Jewish Sabbath eve services, he absorbs little by little the essence of the noble heritage denied by his atheistic parents. Employed by a Jewish-owned merchandising firm, Max is victim of reverse discrimination. He realizes that he lives in two worlds: his gentile fishing buddies, and Jewish social friends acquired from his marriage to Ray. From the simple folk-wisdoms of Mama Silberman, his two children?s attending religious schools, and numerous other exposures to the birthright he was denied, Max comes to realize he has 'wandered though a desert of ethnic wilderness for forty years;? that he belongs to a community of noble, scholarly, brave and priestly people. After several chapters ofdroll and humorous anecdotes, Max?s saga concludes with a profound spiritual experience in a Jerusalem beer tavern.