Обложка книги Born to Lust

Born to Lust

ISBN: 0975341308;
Издательство: Writersandpoets.com, LLC
Страниц: 218

Book DescriptionI was a love child. Born out of wedlock to a mother who already had five too many children, too little money, and an exile husband who provided no support and left no forwarding address. I grew up in a project on the south side of St. Petersburg, Florida. Times were hard for my mother as she did her best to support the children she loved so dearly. As the youngest of the six children, I put more emphasis on having fun rather than on the hard times. Being a love child, my good times usually involved playing with the girls. The one advantage of living in the projects is the abundance of young honeys, and we all know that the best sex is in the ghetto. I hop-scotched from one girl to the next trying to screw all that met my standard of good looking and fine. I didn't want a relationship, just raw sex?and I was willing to do or say anything to get the drawers.