Обложка книги Caged Metal Feathers

Caged Metal Feathers

ISBN: 1585010766;
Издательство: SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc.
Страниц: 218

Book DescriptionComing of age in dangerous times Caged Metal Feathers is a true story based on the memoirs of the author, who came of age in the thick of the bloody Hungarian Uprising of 1956. From piloting gliders to escaping Soviet invaders to lobbing bombs at enemy tanks on the streets of Budapest, Istvan survives one potential disaster after another. After escaping a Soviet holding camp, Istvan and three of his friends must part company, and Istvan is off on another set of adventures that mark his journey from youth to manhood. Filled with adventure and compassion, Caged Metal Feathers is a fascinating look into the lives of the courageous Hungarian heroes who took on the Soviet army.