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Martha Tod Dudman

Expecting to Fly : A Sixties Reckoning

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ISBN: 0743247736
Издательство: Simon & Schuster
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 256
Amazon.comThe tumult of the '60s provides a dramatic backdrop for Martha Tod Dudman's candid memoir of her misspent youth. For Dudman, the gathering of her experiences as a rebellious, insolent, and aimless teen and young woman must have been a particularly wrenching process--her earlier memoir, Augusta, Gone , chronicled the trials she faced dealing with her daughter's troubled adolescence. In Expecting to Fly , Dudman switches roles and turns back the clock to a time when she experimented with drugs, casual (albeit emotionally taxing) sex, and counterculture lifestyles (she finds herself grimly clearing land and planting onions at a communal farm in West Virginia). Shifting from past to present tense, judiciously inserting brief steam-of-consciousness flashbacks, and sticking to clipped, unfussy prose, Dudman creates a terse but vivid portrait of a confused girl who's world is a swirl of idealism and apathy, independence and neediness, fearlessness and fear. --Steven...