Обложка книги Inside: A Public and Private Life

Inside: A Public and Private Life

ISBN: 1586482300;
Издательство: PublicAffairs
Страниц: 512

Book DescriptionFrom a childhood in rough-and-tumble 1940s Brooklyn to a life "inside" the corridors of power. Joe Califano grew up in a tight-knit working class family in Depression-era Brooklyn. His parents instilled in their son a work ethic, sense of self, and devotion to Church that stayed with him as he rose through the ranks of America's ruling class. From Jesuit undergraduate schools to Harvard Law, influential law firms, Robert McNamara's Pentagon, Lyndon Johnson's White House, and Jimmy Carter's Cabinet, Califano was hard charging, effective, and committed to his causes--whether that meant reforming the military, working for equal rights for all, his struggle to be a committed Catholic in America, or finally his passion to combat addictionsthat ruin so many American lives. The book is called Inside , and that's where it takes us--inside his public and private life--as Califano worked in the power centers of three Democratic administrations. He shows us how...