Обложка книги mk.cam : Tales from the Life of an Urban Missionary Kid

mk.cam : Tales from the Life of an Urban Missionary Kid

ISBN: 1413745806;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 141

Book DescriptionYou will sympathize, laugh, cry, or simply be amazed at what growing up in a foreign country is like for a missionary's child. Most "MKs" have exotic adventures in faraway lands and remote jungles. These, however, are the unique tales of growing pains, told first-hand, of an MK living in the capital city of Guatemala and other towns of Central America. mk.cam tells the stories of one child's life in the variety of settings encountered by MKs around the world. Parents will empathize with the usual child-rearing challenges made more complicated by life in a foreign culture. Anyone who has spent time in another culture will relate to the often humorous accounts and experiences this author faced while growing up in Central America. Here, then, are the memories of one MK's early childhood and teen years during the 1960s and '70s. "Pura Vida!"

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