Обложка книги Mr. Nasty : A Confession

Mr. Nasty : A Confession

ISBN: 1553650638;
Издательство: Greystone Books
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionDespite humble beginnings in East London, Cameron White rapidly rose in the London club scene. After his initial spectacular success as a drug dealer, he ran afoul of notorious London criminals the Doherty brothers and was forced to flee to North America. There he climbed aboard a cocaine-fueled roller coaster that carried him from dealing with psychotic crack-dealing Jamaican gangsters in New York to West Coast power meetings for a Hollywood talent agency. Returning to London, White managed to stay clean for a while, but a chemical vacation in Thailand set him back on the path to self-destruction, as he smoked marijuana with dope smugglers, sampled the new wave of super-amphetamines, and returned to London a heroin addict and cohort of the murderous Triad gangs. How he navigated the demimonde of drugs and crime makes Mr. Nasty both a riveting read and powerful cautionary tale.